Sunday, May 20, 2007

Songs For Friends

Did you ever have that one song that always made you think of a certain friend? Something you'd always associate with that one person in particular?

I got to thinking about that today on the way home from work. I was thinking about songs that always make me feel happy/bouncy, and I fired up the Ipod to play Bon Jovi's "Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen From Mars." Although the song is about a romance between two people who are kinda off the wall, there's certain lyrics in there that just make me think of both my friends Lee and Matt H. I think it's sort of the whole feeling that no matter how crazy the world is, we can be crazier and always friends. As the song says, we're "Sid and Nancy, Fred and Ginger, Clyde and Bonnie, Liz and Richard." I dunno...I just can't help but thinking of the two of them when I hear that song.

Then, of course, what do you do if you have a friend who you love dearly but they don't have a song that comes to mind right away? Hmm.

What does everybody else think?