Thursday, November 27, 2008

Is There A Darker Color Than Black?

Black Friday is nearly upon me...again. I've been dealing with this most dreaded of days in retail for about 15 years now, and I don't think I've ever actually missed one. Sigh. Customers looking to combine a million coupons, others angry they can't use their coupons on something that's already on sale, sitting on a ton of stuff your company thought was going to sell and didn't but not having enough of the stuff they thought WOULDN'T sell and of course everyone wants.

I'm not sure what to expect this year, what with the economy so terrible. My home office wanted me to hire a bunch of seasonal help, to which of course I laughed, as my current staff is lucky when they get 20 hours in a week.

So tell me your Black Friday stories....from both sides of the counter.


joe said...

I really hand it to people who work retail (as my mom does, though where she works doesn't get so much of a holiday rush). They (you) have my sympathy, so I always try to use the opportunity to chat nicely with them and ask how their day's been.

I did a little browsing today with a friend and made it a point to stop at Old Navy to pick up a couple of things for kids in the family. Luckily, giving a lot of gifts has never been a big thing in my family, and definitely more for the kids. Makes it easy, and much less pressure.

I realized today the one thing I REALLY hate about corporate retail now (sometimes non-corporate also) is the often relatively loud music levels played in stores. I find it irritating for a short time, and I don't doubt that it must make people more agitated and whatnot. Doesn't make for a soothing shopping experience at all -- I probably live a generally quieter life than most, but I really hate it.

Good luck to you dealing with the rest of the retail weekend... and season.

Lisa said...

I have worked my share of Black Friday's in the retail world and doing so has left me with one feeling. Stay as far away from the retail world as possible for at least 3 days after Thanksgiving!!! And for a week after Christmas too. :) I didn't go to any stores on Black Friday. I stayed at home with my family and hung out and watched tv and took a long walk and finished a book.

I do have to admit that I was really tempted when I heard that Target had Sex and the City for $8.88 (or something like that), but the kids wanted no part in going to the stores.

I hope you survived Black Friday!

BTW...did you know that Waldenbooks in Brunswick has closed? We spent Thanksgiving with Thomas' parents on St. Simons. The place has really, really changed!